BMW Ignition Coil Problems?

Applies to these models: 
2001-2006 M3  E46
2001-2006 M3 Conv.  E46

The Car of the Future - 150mph, and no driver

Check out this facinating talk that explores the link between a real racecar driver's brain and a self driving car.



Is your BMW E39 Check Engine LIght on? It could be the water pump.


If the car seems to be overheating, water pumps and thermostats are common failure points.   Occasionally you will see issues with the radiator. The electronically controlled thermostats are prone to failure and set the “Service Engine Soon” warning light.  They can short out internally and melt a section of the engine wiring harness on some V8 Models.


Is your BMW Engine Computer Suffering From Water Damage?

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