What if my part fails? What type of warranty does my part have?

All new (no used) parts come with a one year warranty excluding wear and tear of items due to use. Depending on the type of product you purchased, you may have an extended warranty (e.g., converters 5 yrs/50k) from the manufacturer. Please also refer to the manufacturer information that is included with your product for additional information.  Faulty parts and improperly installed parts return decisions are left up to the particular manufacturers’ rules and regulations. We process the return for you by accepting the part and then forward the part directly to the manufacturer for final approval. Installation of auto parts should be handled by a Certified Automotive Technician, and you should maintain a copy of the repair order after the repair is completed; especially with items such as ECM's, A/C Compressors, Receiver Dryers, etc. where misdiagnosis and/or installation can easily damage the part. Remember, that having a certified technician install a part does not necessarily mean it was properly installed.  On rare occasions, we may ask for the original repair order and other documentation regarding the repair to be sent to us in order to process the return. 

If your part is found to be defective you will receive a full refund, however any replacement items must be re-purchased. We do not send out free replacements.